We are Purdue’s Chief Storytellers

Purdue Marketing and Communications is focused on University-wide brand messaging and positioning. We partner with key campus units to develop research-driven, results-oriented marketing plans that drive University objectives and tell Purdue’s story. A trusted partner and reliable resource, the department develops and manages the institutional brand and reputation, reinforces the University’s relevance in the lives of crucial target stakeholder groups and plays a meaningful role in fulfilling the University’s mission.

Our Role

The Purdue brand is an enduring platform that articulates our compelling story — our unique point of view and the experiences we create. Our brand draws strength from 150 years of education, research and engagement. Through our creative teams of designers, storytellers, digital developers and strategists, we tell the story of how Purdue is propelling the world forward through continued discovery and innovation, inclusive collaboration and a culture of persistence that leaves nothing undone.

Our Brand

Taking the next giant leap, together. This is our story. And by telling it in a consistent way, again and again and again, with all our audiences, across every type of media, we will create an incredibly powerful narrative and a tremendously potent message. Together, we’ll share our story with the world. This is our giant leap.

Join us as we take the first small step in pursuit of the next giant leap.

Campus Communicator Resources

From print-ready files of our signature mark and co-brands to Lucidpress marketing templates, we offer a host of tools and downloadable files to help ensure consistent execution of our prized Purdue brand. Most are available for free to the Purdue community and groups that partners with Purdue Marketing and Communications.

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